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Kids&Us Sant Cugat

Nuestro equipo

Nuestro equipo

Nuestro equipo
Nuestro equipo

Preparados para la apasionante tarea de enseñar inglés a los más pequeños

Nuestra prioridad es encontrar personas que puedan enseñar y motivar a los niños a aprender inglés, que conecten y tengan empatía con los más pequeños. Un gran dominio del inglés, dinamismo, profesionalidad, empatía y una gran motivación por su trabajo son las principales características de nuestro equipo docente.

A continuación os los presentamos:

  • Mia P

    Mia P

    Hello everyone! My name is Mia. I'm currently studying a degree in Translation and Interpreting in English. I would say that the best thing about working in Kids&Us is the fulfilment of knowing that the kids learn from me while I learn from them. There's nothing like being around them and their innocence. I describe myself as hard-working, energetic and creative. I love travelling and exploring new cultures, being with my loved ones, listening to music and animals. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

  • Luca


    Hello there! My name is Luca and I’ve recently graduated in Tourism and Hospitality Management at the university of HTSI. I’ve always been good at engaging relationships with people, specially with kids. I believe that kids have many things to teach us and that’s why I decided to work at Kids&Us, to grow and learn from each other. I love everything that relates to music, from playing the piano to singing. I enjoy cooking, reading, writing, travelling, dancing and of course, teaching!

  • Aleksandra


    My name is Aleksandra. My adventure with Just English started in 2008 and later with Kids&Us. I have been working as an English teacher for 15 years now and have been lucky enough to gain my work experience in different countries, which has enabled me to familiarize myself with many of the challenges involved in child/ teenage/ adult teaching and given me an opportunity to initiate appropriate responses to a wide variety of learning styles. I have always striven to make each lesson better. I endeavour to make learning meaningful and to connect it to the students´ everyday experiences.

  • Ben


    Hi, my name is Ben! I have been involved with the Kids&Us Methodology for a while, and I have to say that I have a lot of fun teaching this way. In my free time I like to play video games and hang out with friends, also, I love practicing all types of sports. I'm in a football team and I play paddle at least once a week, moreover, I love snowboarding, and if I have the chance to go to the slopes, I don't think it twice!

  • Bonnie


    My name is Bonnie. I studied Early Childhood Education and I have been working in Kids&Us for five years. I love teaching children; especially the Kids levels because you can see their progress in a very short period of time.

  • Delfina


    My name is Delfi and I have been working in Kids&Us for almost 4 years. I have been teaching kids from 2 till 15 years old and I really enjoy contributing to their learning in English and their growth as a person in a funny and motivating way. I am into contemporary dance, reading and video editing.

  • Hanna


    My name is Hanna and I am currently studying Translation and Interpreting because languages are my passion. Besides, one year ago I discovered that I really enjoy teaching English to kids. This will be my second year working for Kids&Us, and I am really looking forward to meeting you all!

  • Fany


    Hey there! My name is Fany. I am a big fan of everything that involves music. I can play the piano, the guitar, the ukulele and I also love to dance! My favourite part about working in Kids&Us is being able to teach in a positive and dynamic environment!

  • Laura


    Hello my name is Laura Rubio and I’ve been working with Kids&Us for one year now. I started working as a teacher in the first place because I love kids, but I didn’t know how reinforcing would it be to see kids learn and connect with the language through my teaching, and how happy I would feel because of it. My hobbies and interests outside of teaching are basically related to outdoor activities and sports.

  • Joan


    Hi, I’m teacher Joan! I worked for more than 15 years with child education, specializing in English as Second Language, Theatre and Personality Development. I have been very fortunate to have travelled the world and been invited in various activities that have allowed me to discover my full potential as an artist, teacher and human being. I’m very happy to be a part of Kids&Us because of the positive impact they make, not only on the children, but also on their families and the community.

  • Naroa


    Hello, my name is Naroa. I love working in Kids&Us because kids make me very happy. I like working with children and seeing how their English can improve while we play games and have fun. It’s amazing how quick they learn! In my free time, I like reading and dancing, but my favourite hobby is travelling. I really enjoy exploring new places and discovering different cultures.

  • Peter


    Hello, my name is Peter and I have been with Kids&Us for two years now. I enjoy listening to music and longboarding. I enjoy working at Kids&Us because it's a great relaxing environment and kids learn best when they are happy!

  • Paul


    Hello, my name is Paul. I love working in Kids&Us because the school believe in teaching and learning as a long and funny adventure! Playing and learning could be the same thing. My hobbies? Oh, I love the winter, coffee and tea, anything related to classic movies (Frank Capra is my favourite!) and reading novels, especially the one and only Charles Dickens!

  • Valentina


    My name is Valentina and I’m a teacher at Kids&Us because I love English and working with kids! I also enjoy playing volleyball and cooking.

  • Anne V

    Anne V

    My name is Anne. I really like working in Kids & Us because I feel that teaching English naturally to children is the best way to make them learn. Also it’s so comforting to see how they are improving day by day. My hobbies are playing the guitar and singing, as I love music. Moreover, I like to learn new languages; I wish I could know all the languages of the world!

  • Paula C

    Paula C

    Hi! My name is Paula and I work in Kids&Us. I love working with kids because thinking about providing knowledge, specially to the younger ones, is one of the most rewarding things in the world. I love reading, specially historical novels and poetry, travelling and fashion.

  • Julia


    Hello! I’m Julia, an Archaeology student who has been studying English almost all of her life. Working in Kids&Us has allowed me to learn, not only about the language, but also from the kids and their natural joy and motivation. I see teaching as a wonderful opportunity to help children grow and develop while learning in a funny and fulfilling way.

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